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From simple butterfly brooches with the famous four-wing shape to more intricate ones with additional details, BUTTERFLY AHOLIC is eager to introduce this special butterfly jewelry category to you.

What good do these lovely brooches do for you? How can you keep them in tip-top shape if you end up enjoying them so much?

How Butterfly Brooches Style Your Outfit

Brooches have always been a good way to upgrade your outfit, although some people believe they are a little outdated now. However, there are plenty of ways for us to wear butterfly brooches and look as modern as ever!

You can bunch several brooches of similar colors and turn them into a cluster of butterflies for a new twist for example! Another good trick is using them to highlight the waist of your top, secure your shawl, or enhance your necklace!

The shiny materials and the intricate details of butterfly brooches will give your outfit a highlighted point, like a cool accessory that not everyone adorns.

How To Care For Your Butterfly Brooches

Brooches are quite vulnerable to external factors, so you will need a few tips to comfortably wear them and keep them in prime condition!

Store Butterfly Brooches In Clean, Dry Areas

When you don’t use your brooches, it’s better to keep them in the box they came with instead of leaving them scattered around.

If you have another spot for storage, make sure the brooches are squeaky clean and properly dried first. Dust and moisture are the last things you want on something so intricate, especially a brooch of the vintage style, for they can cause the materials to rust and lose their shine.

After you wash the brooches, you can place them upside down while air-drying to get the leftover wetness out more effectively and quickly.

Regularly Clean It To Remove Dirt

If you regularly clean your brooches, you will give dust and microbes less of a chance to grow. The process won’t even take much time: Simply use a toothbrush or any soft brush to get rid of dirty particles before you use any moisture or substance.

Remember to be as gentle as you can, since you don’t want to leave noticeable scratches on the brooch’s surface or rub off some gems on the butterfly wings in the worst case.

Avoid Exposure To Chemicals

Different brooches are made of different materials, hence you shouldn’t give them all the same treatment. It’s better to check before you do anything and after you finish, for the chemicals might be trapped in the details.

For example, butterfly gold and platinum brooches can take a mild detergent if they don’t have any gemstones because detergents can weaken the glue keeping the decorative details to the brooches. Silver isn’t as strong and should only be exposed to a diluted solution of baking soda.

On the other hand, sapphires and rubies (diamonds are rare) can take stronger detergents, while pearls should be left alone because your body’s oils will keep them shining.

Enjoy Your Shopping!

If you want to own a versatile and interesting accessory, waste no time and try our butterfly brooches! There are various materials, designs, and price tags ready for your purchase.

Don’t hesitate to send us a message should you have any questions about the products, and have a great shopping time for more butterfly items!

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