Butterfly Earring

Butterfly Earring

A pair of Butterfly Earrings can certainly help you upgrade your look! Beautifully crafted, you’ll definitely fall in love with these earrings!

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Butterfly earrings have always been the most sought-after piece in our jewelry collection with how they can enhance your entire outfit and brighten up your face. Let BUTTERFLY AHOLIC tell you what you can do with these earrings and show you some of the best designs on the market!

Make A Unique Ear Look With A Pair Of Butterfly Earrings

Combining the tiny butterflies with the equally tiny earrings was a challenge for our craftsmen, though the benefits these butterfly earrings bring to our customers were 100% worth the effort!

It Adds A Touch Of Elegance To Your Outfit

Sometimes, there is no need to have a full attire thought out. All you need is a minimalistic pair of earrings to match your casual clothes and a bit of lipgloss, and you can confidently take the streets by storm! On the other hand, a formal and elegant outfit would feel incomplete and unfashionable if you leave the earrings out of the equation. In short, we might dress up or down with earrings, though the elegance it brings to our appearance is undeniable.

With Suitable Designs, Butterfly Earrings Can Be Worn For Casual Or Formal Events

As always, a friendly party or a casual date doesn’t require hours of brainstorming and mixing for something presentable. You are free to reveal a bit more of yourself and your preference here, so your huge and long earrings might finally be of use. Meanwhile, a butterfly earring and necklace set with sufficient statement and extra sophistication will be the final touch for your perfectly formal look if you maintain a balance between these pieces and your clothes.

Who Can Wear Our Butterfly Earrings?

As butterfly earrings are meant to cherish and compliment the beauty of these little charmers, they are indispensable for people who enjoy the peace of nature and want to connect with their surroundings. Besides, various forms with countless patterns are always tempting for fashion lovers. They will have new pieces to mix and match for a unique outfit, testing the limits of their creativity. Both nature lovers and fashionistas have no age in our opinion, hence everyone can enjoy the items in our collection without concerns!

Some Considerations When Wearing Them

You Should Start By Choosing The Right Materials

Some people are allergic to almost every metal except for gold and silver. So, they end up feeling itchy and even pained if they choose wrong.

Consider The Occasion And The Style First

Your choices of jewelry might have more backbone. For example, with formal events including a dress code, you can go for the classical butterfly hoop earrings, so your outfit can shine through. On the other hand, a casual date will give you the chance to experiment and express your personality more.

Next Is The Kind Of Top In Your Outfit

Pairing long, dangling earrings with high-neck tops will make your attire look unnecessarily complicated. You can try our tiny butterfly wing earrings (or studs and drops) to balance everything out.

Pay Attention To Your Hairstyle

Intricate hairstyles might be too much if you pair them with statement earrings. Furthermore, there is no point in wearing pretty earrings if they are going to be covered by your hair!

Your Face Shape Is Very Important Too

The incompatible earrings won’t complement your visage. The basic rules are:
  • drop earrings can slim a round face;
  • teardrop or chandelier earrings will balance the narrow chin, and the wide forehead of a heart-shaped face;
  • round or stud earrings will soften the edges of a square face.

Cleaning After You Take The Earrings Off

Remember to clean and store them carefully, especially if you have sensitive skin. Dirty jewelry pieces might cause more trouble than you think!

Enjoy Your Shopping!

With our tips and suggestions, you can add a few pairs of butterfly earrings to your collection! There is always a perfect pair for an occasion and a person, and we will make sure you have the best shopping experience at BUTTERFLY AHOLIC. Let’s take your fancy looks to a new level!