Butterfly Jacket

Butterfly Jacket

This stylish Butterfly Jacket will keep you feeling all sorts of cozy and confident. Take a look at it through Butterfly Aholic’s catalog!

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We often see jackets in plain forms with badass accessories such as extra studs and chains, so what about butterfly jackets with intricate and even colorful prints? Grab the trendiest jacket at BUTTERFLY AHOLIC so you can stay warm during cold days without compromising your style!

Why Choose Butterfly Jacket At BUTTERFLY AHOLIC?

There are many reasons for you to put your trust in us, aside from our secure payment and reliable shipment! And we are talking about the values our items can bring to you.

Different Materials To Choose

We don’t settle for any low-quality materials here! However, different fabrics will provide different benefits, hence you might need to consider your needs before making a decision!
  • Leather
It is easily the most popular choice for jackets due to its nice texture, softness, and durability. However, it is quite sensitive to water and also costly. Shearling is made of sheepskin and quite similar in properties, though it is open to blends.
  • Wool
On cold days, wool is perhaps the best fabric for all clothing items, including jackets. Another well-known type of wool is cashmere, the softness and insulation of which are greatly enhanced.
  • Cotton
Although it is also a natural fabric with insulation and softness, it doesn’t have much resistance to dirt and wind, so we rarely see it being used for coats and jackets but it is not impossible!
  • Polyester
Unlike natural materials, polyester has no problem with moisture, wind, or dirt. Nonetheless, it is questionable as an insulator.
  • Fleece
Produced from polyesters, fleece is upgraded with insulation and ventilation, but it is not better than natural fabrics if you are looking for these qualities.

Various Styles Of Jackets

When you have chosen the most suitable fabrics for your jacket, it is time to ponder upon design features:
  • Sleeves: Long sleeves are the most common choice for winter, yet no sleeves will be better on slightly cool days or when you need to move your arms.
  • Hoods: Get a nice hood if you want to keep your head warm without looking for a separate hat!
  • Forms: We have full-length, cropped, and oversized jackets for you to pick from so you can have a jacket complementing your figure or simply making you feel comfortable!
  • Closure: Zip-up jackets and buttoned jackets always give us a dilemma. Follow your heart and choose the one that best fits your style!

Personalized Butterfly Jackets For Uniqueness

Even with the wide variety of models and materials as mentioned, we still want to give our dear customers more room for their creativity and satisfaction! If you have a certain print you want for your jacket, you can let us know before checking out! It can be a change of colors for your liking or a butterfly species not included in our collection! Be unique and don’t hesitate to turn your ideas into reality!

Enjoy Your Shopping!

Are you ready to discover our butterfly jackets for ladies and gentlemen? There are no limits on the gender, age, and personal style of our customers because we want to offer the best shopping experience only. What are you waiting for, butterfly lovers? Expand your butterfly collection today!